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Our sessions are truly personalized to your needs. Once you complete your booking, will personally goes through the details and suggest progress levels that best match your profile, and share with you a few milestones that should be focused on in the first 30 to 60 days. We continuously monitor your progress through a series of challenges and chalk our next steps based on your actual progress.

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  • We will truly understand your expectations and constraints.
  • We clearly define progress levels and measure success - and iterate till we get it right.
  • Our team works to support you even after your personal session is completed.
  • Did we mention? Our session plans are crafted by your very own after hundreds of hours of research.

Plus, with our mobile app, personal schedule, simple billing, and our unique moments feed - everything is easier.


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We prefer meeting you at your home or work location simply because we have seen that this reduces your commute hassle. Plus, when you have sessions at your location, you are going to be far more regular/miss fewer (if any sessions) than when you have to make time to visit our locations from your busy schedule. Having said that, we are open to hosting your sessions in our partner studios - just let us know that during the booking.

Once we have your service plan finalized, we assign to you one of our qualified service team members who are available and who is keenly interested in your success. You can always request to change such assignment, and the best part is that  will monitor your progress all along and also suggest changes where necessary.

Once we have the team member assigned, he/she will communicate directly with you to schedule the sessions. We prefer to have the same session schedule week after week so it is easy for everyone. Scheduling first session might take some time - so please be patient because we want to make sure the schedule matches and once it is set you don't have to worry about changes.

When you fill out the booking form, you also authorize the credit card information through secure Stripe gateway. We do not charge your card until you have had your first personal session and then we bill you the same amount every 4 weeks for the upcoming session. There are no other fees or charges and we take pride in offering the best quality service at the most competitive rate.

We know it is a big decision and although we have served hundreds of clients we always know there can be some unique situations, or you might have feedback for us, or you just might want to talk and get some quick questions answered. Well, we would love to hear from you. Please Click here to submit your question.

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