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Increase Margins & Grow Key Accounts by 45%

Our customizable employee success platform is designed to transform manufacturing company employees into star performers. They will learn how to identify untapped opportunities, initiate masterful conversations across channels, and upsell and cross-sell successfully.

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Accelerate Skills
Required to Outgrow

Your members will be able to apply their skills in a safe community of like-minded individuals.

  • Case study-based coaching methodology
  • Platform to interact and role-play
  • Auto-enrollment to a thriving community
  • Access to a rich network of enthusiasts & professionals

Gamification that
Motivates Consistency

NextBee’s state-of-the-art gamification tools power LocalMasters’ platform to engage employees in unlocking new skills. Dynamic leaderboards and badges develop friendly competition and motivate your employees to achieve goals. 

  • Motivate members to achieve goals
  • Create custom goal cards
  • Boost friendly competition with dynamic leaderboards
  • Assign digital badges upon progress

Advanced Tracking

Your employees get transparency and clarity on the goals to achieve to track progress. Plus, managers receive advanced tracking capability to nudge them when falling behind or acknowledge the ones performing consistently.

  • Monitor assignment submissions & program progress
  • Individual-level progress tracking
  • Managerial-level progress tracking
  • Nudges & on-the-spot recognition

Access to Personal Coaching Network

Request on-demand coaching from certified coaches with years of experience to improve your reps’ negotiation technique, how to deliver a dynamic sales pitch, and improve their networking skills.

  • Certified coaches
  • Expert-led sessions
  • Quicker skill development
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