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Be a Mentor

Utilize your expertise as an industry leader to help upskill & reskill those in need while being compensated.

  • Guide users seeking to grow

  • Grow your experience as a mentor

  • Get compensated for being a mentor

  • Work within a vibrant community setting

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Why Mentor With LocalMasters?

LocalMasters provides a vibrant community for individuals who are eager to learn. Work with community members to help them upskill & reskill to find the careers that they've dreamed of.

Network of Talent

Work with some of the most talented individuals.


Get financially compensated for the mentoring work you do with Local Masters community members.

Build Experience

While working with our community members, build your experience as a mentor.

Virtual Meetings

Work virtually from home or the road. You won't be required to provide in-person mentorship.

How it Works


Sign up and create an account on LocalMasters

Sign up as a mentor and fill out the information.

how It works
how it works


Create your profile and list your experience & expertise

Submit your resume and fill in the details about your experience & background that stands out.


Provide your calendar availability to get matched with students

Provide your availability through the days, weeks, and months that you are available to mentor users.

how it works

Become a Mentor

Being a mentor to those in need is a mark of leadership. Grow your experience as a leader and help others create success in their careers.